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Valencia coach Emery: Must be highly concentrated

With much respect for the Royal Blues FC Valencia to Gelsenkirchen has traveled. However, regardless of the team's 1-1 from the first leg, the leg is in the second round of the Champions League on optimism as head coach Unai Emery says.

Valencias Coach Unai Emery hat Respekt vor dem S04, aber auch viel Vertrauen in das Leistungsvermögen seiner Elf. |Copyright: imago"We now know better than Schalke team in the first leg and have to try to use to our advantage," he explains. "Before our enemies we have lots of respect. While it is extroverted in the Bundesliga, not so good for Schalke, but the team knows how the Cup and the Champions League. "Therefore, he is sure that errors are his team in the quarter-finals punished immediately. "We have highly focused go to work to prevent it."

As a means to crack to the Schalke defense Emery provides all the game in depth. "In order to succeed, we must find ways to get behind Schalke's defenses." One who is there, lurking on his chance to be attackers Aritz Aduriz Zubeldia, who agrees with his coach. "It is clear that we need a goal to even think about getting ahead. But we will not run headlong into the trap. We will try to bring our game. 90 minutes to decide the game, not the beginning. So, when we controlled the game offensively tackle. "

But respect for the royal blue defense is certainly present, as the striker says: "The two central defenders are in aerial combat and the goalie actually invincible has an excellent mastery of the penalty area. . So we must find other means "doubt that this can succeed, head coach Emery has not," I'm sure we can convert the pressure into positive energy. My team is able to rise above it. "

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