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The UFC's first trip to Seattle was successful, with several young, untested fighters showing they belonged in the Octagon. Who rose above the rest?

No. 1 star -- Chan Sung Jung: In their first bout, Jung and Leonard Garcia swung wildly at each other for three rounds. They created an exciting bout that will long be remembered as one of the WEC's best, but still ended up in a loss for Jung. He changed his plan this time, fighting a more calculated bout that ended with him slapping on twister submission. It was the first twister performed in the UFC, and it earned Jung at $55,000 Submission of the Night bonus.

No. 2 star -- Amir Sadollah: Since winning the seventh season of "The Ultimate Fighter," Sadollah has had an up-and-down tenure in the UFC, plagued with injuries, sickness and odd losses. None of those troubles were obvious on Saturday night, as he gave DaMarques Johnson an old-fashioned beating. In the second round, Sadollah inundated Johnson with elbows, causing Johnson to tap and earning Sadollah his second straight win.

No. 3 star -- Michael McDonald and Edwin Figueroa: Smaller weights are known for putting on a show, and McDonald and Figueroa delivered. McDonald won their three-round decision with a mix of strikes and submission attempts, but Figueroa won respect by standing through every strike and making it out of every sub attempt. They both won $55,000 for a Fight of the Night bonus.

Honorable mention -- Johny Hendricks: Unfortunately, the main event ran over time, so we didn't get to see Hendricks' knockout of T.J. Waldburger. A report from on-site described it:

Hendricks connected on two powerful left hands. The back-to-back blows sent Waldburger to the mat, and the ref halted the action before Hendricks could deliver any further punishment.

Hendricks earned the Knockout of the Night bonus, good for $55,000.

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