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The Schalke 04 coach has been working with this method to improve strength and endurance of the players · "His workouts with medicine balls made me five years to rejuvenate," Raul was able to return the affection of the fans who supported him in Valencia in the first leg of Champions and better known, with a good goal and a draw for his team. Madrid striker, 33, looks fitter than ever and when reporters asked about this in the first leg, said jokingly, "I said that Felix Magath with medicine ball training has made me rejuvenate five years. "

Raúl con un balón medicinal durante la pretemporada del Real Madrid en julio de 2009.

Magath owes much of his success to his trainer, Werner Leuthard, who once was a soldier
However, behind this joke is a great truth is that serious work on the physical and technical part of Schalke 04. For Felix Magath, there is again the use of medicine balls in practice.Moreover, the coach owes much of his success to his trainer, Werner Leuthard, which once formed part of the army and that players nicknamed as the 'General'.

Leuthard, who already worked at Bayern Munich next to Magath, apply part of the discipline and military drills to the players of Schalke 04. In fact, this requirement also applies it to himself and an interview with Revier Sport a couple of years ago, the coach said that day up the stairs to his home, despite living in a tenth floor.

Magath combine work with other medicine ball exercise more demanding in practice: balloon hurdle, obstacle course, shooting the goalkeeper without a break ... And you can also use the balls as punishment infallible technique: according to the published Peruvian newspaper "The Republic" a few months ago, The nights out of Jefferson Farfan and other attitudes of indiscipline as aerating possible offers from other teams to leave, did the technician decided to put him to work alone with Leuthard with one that weighed five kilos, accompanied by severe bending. Undoubtedly, the training session less dreamed of by the player.

This technique is widely used in the world of sport and football in the early season injuries or output Anyway, you can not say either that the coach of Schalke 04 is the discoverer of medicine balls. This technique is widely used in the world of football and sport to be a job applicant to take the tone of strength and resistance to early season injuries or output.

But Raul had already conducted exercises with them for the stage Pellegrini, Pau Gasol often performedwith a similar heating with heating idlers on the Lakers, and athletes like skier Maria Jose Rienda and more recently the player Granada Alex Geijo renovations have been made with these oversized balls.
On Wednesday at 20.45 will be checked to see if Raul becomes the Valencian door in front thanks to this second youth recovered in Germany.

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