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Neuner thrives in Oslo sprint

Neuner thrives in Oslo sprint
Magdelena Neuner carried on her form from the World Championships to take victory at the IBU World Cup 7.5km sprint event in Oslo

The German won the 7.5km world title in Russia and completed the Norway course in 21:04.6 minutes, incurring one standing penalty along the way, for the win.

Neuner finished 31.3 seconds ahead of home favourite Tora Berger, who also had one penalty, while Darya Domracheva from Belarus collected bronze in 21:50.7 minutes.

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Overall World Cup leader Kaisa Makarainen from Finland still holds onto top spot despite finishing 19th in Norway, although her lead has been cut to just 22 points ahead of Neuner, while Helena Ekholm is in third on 911 with just two rounds to go.

Meanwhile, Great Britain’s Amanda Lightfoot finished 73rd in 26:05.0 minutes.

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