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Javier Mascherano is clear that Barcelona was just winner of the tie against Arsenal despite Busacca arbitration. "I'm proud as the team faced the party holding the same philosophy. Sometimes when teams have to win to force lose their identity, but it was not. It could have been 5-1 or 6-1 because we had very clear goal situations. Wenger has every right to speak, but the statistics say it would be very unfair not qualify because they do not receive a single shot on goal. "

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"It was unusual that we were 1-1 but they had shot on goal. Wenger knows how was the party, what happens is that the defeat is hard and nobody likes to be left out. This team did not get many things as referees, not can be hypocrites. Barça win because he plays well, not the referees. "

Understand that there are people who do not want the Barcelona win. "Annoyed that a team plays well. It happened to Spain in the World. Barça is not a expcepción and go to look for other issues to divert attention before talking about football. We are not aware of what others say .

His action was crucial to avoid the auction of Bendtner who was only the goalkeeper to beat in the absence of a few minutes to go. "I'm not a savior. I had to participate in this game knowing it's my job. In other matches, it fell to others and there is nothing special. We qualified for what he did the whole team and not a special move. I'm always with the performance of the group and not the individual. That was the key that we are in the quarter. "

Messi once again proved he is a player out of this sensational scoring a first goal. "It's hard to explain about Messi. It is not normal what you are doing, but we all start to see it as normal. This moment in history and will hopefully continue for many years and all his own benefit."

He gave more importance to the ovation he received from the Nou Camp when it was changed. "It was the euphoria that was experienced in the game. People were ecstatic about how the team was playing and it would be a shame to be left out for that play. To win the people here have to perform in every game and I have very clear what role I have in this team. My goal is to help as the team has great players. The important thing is to always have the same attitude in every game but sometimes things do not go well. "

He wanted to exonerate Abidal after yesterday said he preferred to eliminate Lyon Madrid. "I do another reading. Abidal Lyon said it's because he is there, has family and would like to meet them. The most important thing is that we are in the quarter and fate will tell us who we have to face. To win the Champions must be very difficult to eliminate teams. It may be the mother or another, but anyone will be very hard. "

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