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If a team can approach the playing style of Barcelona, this is the Arsenal. Players like Xavi Hernández has been recognized in more than one occasion that the way you play the whole 'gunner' reminds him a lot when displaying the Barca team. This statement makes little sense if one takes into account who are coaching on either club.

Both seek to deploy a resolute football with the ball as a fundamental premise

Pep Guardiola and Arsene Wenger have the same design and looking at all times display a resolute football with the ball as a fundamental premise. This Tuesday night will be 'enemies' with many things in common.

A clear example of the style of play of Barcelona and Arsenal are in the first leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League. Wenger raised both Pep as a party without complex attack with the intention of biting from the start. All these ingredients caused the meeting to be a plate of haute cuisine. Pure show at the Emirates Stadium. Barca Arsenal dominated and not wrinkled. That led to Cesc Fabregas and company could overcome an adverse score.

Style over results
The two coaches are fighting for that football is something that the enthusiast can enjoy. Care more about gameplay than the result. Pep Guardiola said after a defeat that "I can not reproach my team. They played very well but luck was not on our side." Style of play above results.

Despite having much in common with Rijkaard, Wenger has been widely criticized for his philosophy. Titles are important, but the gameplay is even a step above. The French coach has worked very hard to deal with that kind of party is a trademark. This season is seeing on the pitch so far Wenger chasing, beating even the many labeled as the best in the world.

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