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Former Wales captain Chris Coleman believes the atmosphere at the Millennium Stadium could play into the more experienced England's hands when the neighbouring nations face off in Saturday's Euro 2012 qualifier.

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Wales have two outstanding young players in Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey. Could they head a 'Golden Generation' of players for Wales over the next few years?

Well, if there is to be a golden generation around the corner then Bale and Ramsey will be at the head of it. I'm not sure there is though, because we have been waiting and waiting for it, but some of these players are not 19 or 20 anymore, they are 24 or 25 now. They've got to step up to the plate. It's no good just talking about Bale, Ramsey and Craig Bellamy, the other player have got to step up. They need to have some pride in pulling on the Wales jersey and turning up for every game.

If you look at the last half a dozen games, if you can show me another country which has had more players pull out then I would be incredibly surprised. Wales are having about a dozen withdrawals every game, and you can't have that, I'm not putting that all down to injuries and suspensions, no way. Whether players had a problem with the previous manager or not, as a player you still turn up and do your best because playing for your country is one of the highest accolades you can have in your career. I just feel that because we were having a bad time with Wales, putting that red jersey on has been watered down a little bit by certain people, which disappoints me. If you can't get your best squad together on a consistent basis, the results are not going to be good, especially for a small country like ourselves.

So, first and foremost, let's make sure we have our best players playing every game, because that's when we can start climbing the rankings. That's when we get a bit of pride and confidence back.

Which other Welsh players should we watch out for?

I have been very impressed with Andy King, the Leicester midfielder. Sven-Goran Eriksson has been getting the best out of him. I saw him a few years ago and I thought he was a good player. He plays that central midfield role very well, either in a flat two or as part of a three pushing forward and trying to run in behind the striker. He times his runs into the box very well.

Joe Ledley left Cardiff and went up to Celtic where he has performed well. He's a good midfielder with a great left foot and I actually think that he’d have made a big impact at a Barclays Premier League team.

At the back, Ashley Williams of Swansea is a very good player, and obviously he plays with James Collins of Aston Villa at centre-back. I think those two complement each other very well.

We've got some good players, we really have, if we can get them all together and if they are all fit. There is not a lot of pressure on them for this game because England are expected to win, but we have a couple of players in there who can do a bit of damage ourselves.

What is Wales' best chance to beat England?

The problem you have got when you are playing a team and there is such a big difference in quality is to set up too defensively and get everybody behind the ball. An international manager only has his players for so long, so they will often work on that first. But, once you concede a goal, how do you change it? How do you change the mindset of the players and make them play offensively to try and get the goal back. You have got to find a happy medium.

You can't go all gung ho against a quality team like England because you will get beaten 5-0. You need to find that fine line. Tactically you have really got to get into the nitty-gritty with the players, telling them to concede possession in certain areas but once the ball is in a certain area then let everyone know where they have to be, literally go through all 11 players.

That can be a bit boring for the players, but it can be very effective. They all know their jobs both individually and collectively, and when they get the ball on the counter-attack, they know how they can hurt the opposition.

If Speedy can find that happy medium, then I'm sure we will be OK.

How important will the Millennium Stadium crowd be?

It's a fantastic stadium. I would close the roof if I had my way, because then the atmosphere is trapped. Having played there with the roof closed over in front of a full house, I can tell you the atmosphere is absolutely electric. I don't know what they've got planned though.

The problem, of course, is that the England players are used to playing in the Premier League in these incredible atmospheres every week. They won't be intimidated by it. I think they will probably thrive on it, actually. They might even have been better off playing it at Cardiff or Swansea, in a smaller ground that England are not so used to and where the atmosphere is tighter.

It's a bigger game for Wales than it is for England. England will take it seriously, they will want to win and they will expect to win. But for Wales to beat England, even if it is at the Millennium Stadium, is a big ask, and a big achievement if we could pull it off. I'm really looking forward to it.

Would beating England at football be regarded as a bigger result than beating the Rugby Union team?

The last time we beat England at football was in 1984, so it's a rarity. I'm sure Wales have beaten England at rugby on numerous occasions since then. For us to beat England at football would be an amazing achievement.

If you look at the crowds at Swansea City and Cardiff City, they get bigger crowds than any of the biggest rugby teams in Wales. I know we say Wales is a rugby nation, but I'm not so sure.

How much would a Welsh side (or possibly two) being in the Premier League boost the Welsh game as a whole?

I'm a die-hard Swansea City fan, a born and bred Swansea Jack. But also I am a football enthusiast and I love football and I love my country, so I'd like Swansea and Cardiff to get there. I really would. Obviously, if it were a toss-up I would want Swansea to get there, but I would love the pair of them up there. It would give Welsh football a massive boost. The Barclays Premier League is the best and most publicised league in the world, and it would be a tremendous step forward for Wales as a football nation.

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