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Football gives the reason Barca

Arsenal v Barcelona
Culé siege ended in a goal in injury time of the first half thanks to a ruling genius Cesc and Messi · Busquets put Arsenal in the match with an own goal · Busacca, who had eaten a penalty Messi flamenco was expelled Van Persie to displace the ball · Xavier and Messi's penalty completed the comeback · Bendtner, 88 ', ruled 3-2 to Valdés.

In football does not always win the best, but usually yes. The ship was about to prove otherwise to a poor and disappointing Arsenal at the Camp Nou brushed miracle. That's what make the quarter would have been without a shot at goal, scoring one goal thanks to an accident and another in the last minute when he made Bendt night against Valdes. It would be a very hard lesson for a thrashing Barca could and did, he played very well to win comfortably and was forced to go back after own goal of Busquets and expulsion of Van Persie, play more going to have to talk after a game dominated from start to finish for Barca on big occasions. That's football.

They had to lift the Catalans a 2-1 after the unexpected setbacks in London and began to work from the first minute. The Gunners have opted to get into the cave and stayed there the whole game, betraying his script. Possibly the whirlwind culé no other option left to them, but I expected more of Wenger. Other teams have done better, or at least has more concealed. Sagna, Djorou, Koscielny and Clichy had before it a mission impossible to avoid a Barça goal in ninety minutes. Obviously did not, but endured 49 minutes of siege and that has merit, the truth.

Guardiola could not pass before the London bus because of Massimo Busacca, a collegiate star band that went wrong arbitration stopped a duel 'top', as she said Mourinho. The Swiss swallowed a penalty in the 32 'Diaby to Messi on the same line in the area, and that he was next. In 36 ', was the stick that Almunia saved a shot from Adriano. The Spanish goal was to enter the quarter to replace injured Szczesny, which damaged a finger in a free-kick from Alves. It was the same thing that happened in the 2006 final, but this was the best of theirs. Some consolation, but particularly our countryman revenge personally.

The English resistance gave the five-minute discount Busacca said the first part. Cesc lost heeled the ball into the front, Iniesta stole his wallet and went for Messi, who threw a perfect hat for Almunia to make it 1-0. The logic was slow in coming but left the tie on track for the Catalans with one of those goals both psychological pain.

After the break, the party continued the same course with a limp in which Arsenal Cesc and Van Persie formed. Curiously, his tenure ended up hurting the Gunners. They were never in the party, either by physical problems to not being totally recovered or concentration. In the middle of the moor, Wenger found himself with a gift at minute 53 in a corner launched by Nasri goal that became unfortunate Busquets at auction. Plant was paired with absent Abidal Puyol and Pique, and nobody threw them at fault.

Three minutes later, with the Nou Camp in a state of shock, came the key play of the game. Van Persie, who had a yellow for the first half, finished off a move door annulled for offside. Busacca would not interpret the regulation, which is what we usually do in these cases, and left with ten to Arsenal. Expulsion is rigorous, no doubt, but the recklessness of Van Persie was remarkable.Perhaps a lesson to him a good player who has not yet matured.

The red card ended in the red alert. The boat capsized and found it 2-1 after a jugadón Iniesta. It should be as pale cold blood because it has more than anyone. After a necessary extension of Villa, Xavi beat a heroic Almunia tried to avoid the inevitable. Two minutes later, Koscielny clear penalty (which was also yellow) to Peter and Messi goal. Far from satisfied, the club tried to mark the fourth, the tranquility. He had plenty of chances in the boots of Leo himself, Alves or Afellay, who replaced Villa in the final.

Van Persie se asombra al ver la roja

The both failed because of a large Almunia and Barca was about to pay dearly for lack of two minutes. Adriano failed, sent to the center Wilshere Bendtner and the Dane, with Mascherano back as a 'pitbull', was cowering. Injured on the play Argentina, who completed his best game of Barca.He is a warrior in a team of artists, but to win the Champions is to grit your teeth if you're the best.

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